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Large Scale Tree Stump Removal

One of our recent purchases is a Dipperfox stump buster. This is a very specialised accessory that can be set up on our 8.5 or 14 tonne excavators, or on our Avant 860 if access is limited.

This will grind down tree stumps and instead of a traditional stump grinder with a very fast flywheel, the Dipperfox works with 2 blades and a lot of torque, to cut down the stump in slices. This is a lot safer than traditional stump grinders for the operator, surrounding property and the public. It is also a lot faster and will deal with a lot more stumps in a day with less risk of damages or breakdowns

* Please note this is generally not cost effective for domestic work

Sub Contracted Tree Stump Removal

Due to the way this works and transport costs, it is not cost effective for individual or small numbers of small stumps, this would generally work best for larger volumes of stumps or areas too sensitive for a traditional machine.
This is a service we are happy to come in as a sub contractor on, for other clearance or tree surgery / forestry businesses.

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