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Landscaper Edinburgh
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GM Land Solutions was founded in 2004 under the expert guidance of owner, Gavin Mathison.  With a firm customer base in and around Edinburgh, the business also covers wider Scotland and North England.  Our services include private and commercial services including site clearance, excavations & enabling works, tree & vegetation clearance and stump grinding .  Please see our land services section for more detail.

Our previous and ongoing clients range from private domestic clients,  to Universities and Housing Associations as well as larger organisations.  One of the key points to the success of the business is investing in equipment and people, allowing us to undertake and complete projects that others may be less well set up for.  With Gavin present on most projects, he ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish!

We have created tailored services for all manner of outdoor projects with a focus on  service, quality and reliability.

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Expert Land Services

We can complete a variety of services for our clients and all of our services can be completed for any property or type of client, be it residential, institution, or commercial.

We have substantially invested in a wide range of specialist equipment over the years that many of our competitors don’t have. This has proven key in enabling us to offer an efficient and comprehensive service. Larger Items include:

Mulcher hire Edinburgh
  • Various sizes of excavators, from 1.8-14 tonne
  • Various sizes and types of dumpers for moving material around sites
  • The only tracked high tip dumper of its kind in the UK
  • Avant 750 multi-loaded with various accessories including Stone Burier, flail mower, timber grab & sweeper
  • Scag rough cut mower
  • Tractor with dump trailer, snow plough and timber winch
  • Tracked wood chipper
  • Stump grinders
  • Mulcher
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High quality land based services

GM Land Solutions is your one-stop-shop for dealing with vegetation, trees, stumps and site preparation works. For a quality finish and a professional contractor, we can meet all of your requirements. Contact Us today to organise a site visit and a quote.

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