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Landscaper Edinburgh
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GM Land Solutions was founded in 2004 under the expert guidance of owner, Gavin Mathison. The company is now based just outside Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, nestling in the lea of Rosslyn Chapel. The business however, covers all areas of Central Scotland and the Borders.  Our services include private and commercial landscaping, site clearance, civils & groundworks as well as tree surgery.  Please see our land services section for more detail.

Our previous and ongoing clients range from private home gardens to Universities and Housing Associations. We have created tailored services for all manner of outdoor and landscaping projects with a focus on quality and reliability. GM Land Solutions aim to ensure that we produce high-quality landscape design no matter the scale or size of the project.

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Expert Landscaping Services

We can complete a variety of services for our clients, from Site Clearances, to complete design and building of gardens.

All of our services can be completed for any property, be it residential or commercial.

Whatever your individual project may require, we will use our services to ensure you have a high-quality finish to your garden or grounds.

We have substantially invested in a wide range of specialist equipment over the years that many of our competitors don’t have. This has proven key in enabling us to offer an efficient and comprehensive service. Larger Items include:

Landscaping Edinburgh

Site clearance, groundworks, GM Land Solutions
  • Various sizes of excavators, our smallest being one that will fit through a standard garden gate
  • Various sizes and types of dumpers for moving material around sites
  • The only tracked high tip dumper of its kind in the UK
  • Avant 750 multi-loaded with various accessories including Stone Burier, flail mower and timber grab
  • High tip commercial mower for large areas of lawn to tidy up
  • Scag rough cut mower
  • Tractor with dump trailer, snow plough and timber winch
  • Tracked wood chipper
  • Stump grinders
  • Blec seeder
  • Various vehicles including a 32 tonne grab truck to be fully sufficient on waste disposal and material delivery to site
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Our Ethos

At GM Land Solutions we want to ensure that all of the work completed is sustainable and respectful of both our clients and their properties.

When it comes to ensuring our clients have the best experience with our Services, We make sure that we turn up when we say, give a cost for the work, carry out the work when we say, remove all associated waste and leave your property clean and tidy.

This guarantees that our landscaping services are transparent and all parties are reassured of the entire process and know where they stand.

We recycle wherever possible, for example, we have chippers for reusing wood waste from tree work, as garden mulch.  Now we have our own lorry we remove waste to recycling sites where old concrete/stone etc gats crushed and re-cycled and our green waste that can’t be chipped goes to a different recycling company where it gets made into compost (that we often buy back to use on our landscaping projects).

We believe in using local materials and local supply chains where possible.

To enable us to deliver this level of quality and service, we find ourselves to be a good fit for larger projects where we utilise a mix of our services and equipment.  Generally our typical projects for complete garden landscaping would start from around £10,000.

Hard Landscaping Edinburgh, GM Land Solutions
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High quality landscapers

For all of your landscape design and build needs, GM Land Solutions is your one-stop-shop. For a high-quality finish and a professional contractor, we can meet all of your requirements. Contact Us today to organise a site visit and a quote with no obligation.

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