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Tree Surgery & Stump Grinding Services in Edinburgh & surrounding areas

To discuss your requirements, get in touch with tree clearance & stump grinding professionals in Edinburgh, GM Land Solutions.

  • Tree and vegetation clearance
  • Large scale tree surgery and removal
  • Stump grinding

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Tree surgery and removal services in Edinburgh, let us help.

    Tree Surgery Edinburgh, GM Land Solutions
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    Tree & Vegetation Clearance Edinburgh

    Whether you require a number of trees dismantled or felled to make way for a development or to open up a bit of garden ground, we can help.

    We deliver expert advice and implementation of tree & vegetation clearance as well as stump grinding in Edinburgh. Our fully qualified and accredited team guarantee a swift, effective and tidy solution. Read our testimonials

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    Tree Removal

    At GM Land Solutions we offer a range of larger scale services, including:

    • Dismantling
    • Felling
    • Stump Grinding
    • Vegetation Clearance
    • Opening up woodlands
    • Harvesting forestry
    • Site Clearance
    • Chipping
    • Scrub Clearance

    We are happy to carry out work for domestic and commercial clients directly if they are managing their own projects and wish to engage with a contractor who has a focus on customer service and providing a positive customer experience.

    We are also happy to sub-contract to main contractors who may not have the required training, insurances and equipment to carry out this part of their project.  We would then deal directly with them, respecting that they are our client.

    Stump Grinding Edinburgh
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    Stump Grinding

    If you have older tree stumps in your garden or site that are getting in the way of new plans, or engage with us to remove trees for you, we can also deal with the stumps left and grind these out for you too.  This will mean you can now landscape your garden or continue with your project without any limitations.  We can get a cost to you very quickly on this if you send in photos of the stumps with the height and diameter, along with details of access to the stumps – eg narrowest point, any steps, sharp turns.

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