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At GM Land Solutions we have found that customer reviews are very valuable to our business. They help us thrive so that we can keep delivering landscaping services that is right for your home and your business.

We would truly appreciate a review from you!

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Gordon M., Site Coordinator

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the services of Gavin and his team at GM Land Solutions. They have carried out a number of projects for the University of Edinburgh and have consistently impressed. Their prices have always been competitive and with impressive standards of safety, quality, and genuine customer service the result is a very professional product.

University of Edinburgh

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William Straker-Nesbit

We engaged Gavin on several occasions in the past 5 years to: Upgrade forest roads at Venlaw Forest; “Top” fields at Colzium: Lay drainage pipes in a very wet field at Crosswoodburn and Ditch cleaning and road maintenance. On all occasions he has been competitively priced, carried out the work conscientiously, to a high standard and commenced and completed on or before time. Boralex Scotland will engage Gavin again this Spring for further works. A trustworthy contractor.


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"Absolutely superb service landscaping service from Gavin and the team at GM. Highly recommend."

Charles Wardman - Edinburgh, Aug 2019

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"Can’t fault GM Land Solutions in any way. Reliable, efficient and fab attention to detail. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.."

Eve W - Edinburgh, Aug 2019

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"Gavin and his team are knowledgeable and efficient in their work… He is able to work to a budget, and to time. He is also charming!"

Julie Sparkle - Galashiels Aug 2019

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"We use GM Land Solutions for our commercial landscaping works and would recommend them for the responsive and professional service that they provide."

Calum Sinclair - Contracts Manager, P&M Sinclair Ltd

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"We saw GM land Solutions working in a Neighbour’s Garden. We are delighted with the Work that they have done on ours. A real cull of old and overgrown Shrubs, a new Fence etc. They worked hard. Here each morning. Worked till they achieved what they had to do. They turned up when they said they would. A Massive plus in my opinion, not something that has happened very often in my experience.."

Gill Morrison - Gullane, East Lothian, Aug 2019

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"Gavin’s team started work on agreed date and maintained excellent time keeping throughout the construction of the garden.
The project was primarily hard landscaping, namely a new patio, rendered retaining and feature walls and decking utilising modern materials, as well as grading and turfing.
The team followed the desired design plans and discussed and suggested details to enhance the final design.
Overall the standard of workmanship is excellent and the team were courteous and a pleasure to deal with."

Shona Murray - Buckstone, Edinburgh, July 2019

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"Very professional friendly service. Transformed our garden completely. All was work carried out in house, therefore no delays waiting on sub contractors. Nothing we asked for was any trouble. Highly recommended.."

Graham Kerr - Peebles, Borders, July 2019

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"Used Gavin and his team for extensive hard landscaping. The work was excellent and completed in the timescale given. They were all polite, very helpful and very hard working. Gavin’s design ideas have all worked well"

Maio Glauch - Buckstone, Edinburgh

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"I always believe that the sign of a great patio is one that doesn’t move, doesn’t start to get loose slabs, and doesn’t have any weeds growing through ….7 years on our patio is a good as the day it was finished. All it requires is a gentle power wash in the spring to remove any build up. I have recommended Gavin and his team to a number of friends, all of whom have been delighted with his advice, his work and the end result. I would have no hesitation in asking Gavin and his team to undertake major garden landscaping work for me again.”"

Gillian S, Innerleithen, - Scottish Borders

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"I would highly recommend GM Land Solutions if you want a quality service delivered by friendly, polite and reliable people. Gavin came to our property to assess the work needed. He was very honest and open about the quantity of work required. He gave us a realistic quote within three days. Dates for the work were agreed and despite the cold and snow the work was done in the agreed time. The company has been very reliable and flexible in their approach. The work done has included planting, tiling, drive way extension, drainage of the lawn and resurfacing a large area of the plot. The result looks fantastic. Gavin communicated clearly throughout the process and has been easy to contact. We will be using Gavin’s company to continue some of the work that is needed on our property"

Dr Peter Copp - Scottish Borders

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"Absolutely over the moon with our new garden. Gavin and his team transformed a weed infested plot of land into a garden to be proud of – we even love cutting our grass now!! Highly recommend Gavin and his team thank you 😊."

B.Gine - Innerleithen, Borders, July 2019

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"Got my garden done with them, they came back fixed a small problem. I would highly recommend them."

N. Burns - West Linton, Scottish Borders, June 2019

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"Excellent job transforming the hard and soft landscaping to our upper back garden during January weather. Would thoroughly recommend."

Stuart H - Morningside, Edinburgh March 2019

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"Helpful, friendly and conscientious. Kept me fully informed throughout and were very accommodating. The team were excellent and did a great job in spite of wild wet and windy weather."

Alexandra Frame - Galashiels, Borders, 2019

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"Superb Company, used them for groundworks last year and not only were they friendly and professional but they did a superb job and there prices were very competitive.."

Gareth Morris - Heriot, Borders, Nov 2018

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"Excellent honest company. Great work ethic and always a job done well."

Bill Straker-Nisbett - Edinburgh, Nov 2018

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"Hard working,efficient and very polite fulfilling the requirements.Well done."

Maggie Clapperton - Morningside, Edinburgh, Nov 2018

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"Really good service"

James Clark - City Centre, Edinburgh, Nov 2018

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Gavin and his team are wonderful!!!! I would recommend them to anyone who wants a professional job at a reasonable price. Look forward to using them again in the very near future.


Geraldine Inness - Colinton, Edinburgh Nov 2019

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"Garden clearance.
Discussed necessary work and gave prompt estimate.
Arrived when promised; work undertaken efficiently (in rather dismal weather)
All staff hard working and pleasant."

Mrs ODocherty - Galashiels, Borders Nov 2018

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