Terms of business

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What we do for you:

Fully insured for all work we undertake.
All work carried out to high standard.
As little mess and inconvenience as possible.
We will work on your project from start to finish.
Cost will not change during or after work is carried out, unless change of specification/ additions.
Equipment used will normally belong to GM Solutions and maintained to a high standard.
No extra ‘hire’ charges will be charged if weather or other unforeseen circumstances holds up progress.
Waste will be disposed of in a responsible manner.
Access will be kept clear for clients where possible

What you do for us:

Notify us of any changes to works required as soon as possible.
Invoices will be sent on completion of work. Payment should be made by return.
Works above £5000 will require phased payments.
Allow us access as practically possible to allow us to carry out works.
Acceptance of a quote will be deemed as acceptance of these terms of business.
Whilst we will take great care of any customers goods or existing structures/landscapes/property, we will not be held liable for damage to anything that is not up to industry standards prior to us starting. If anything is deemed to be particularly at risk we would make you aware prior to starting, and likewise expect you to advise us of anything you felt may be fragile or needing care.