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Site Clearance Services in Scotland & Northern England

Clear a site for a survey, ground investigation, development, or restore your garden to a clear, tidy condition with our Site Clearances service in Edinburgh, Glasgow & central Scotland as well as further afield.

  • Get rid of all overgrown trees, vegetation, gorse, structures and associated waste
  • We have the relevant NPTC, NPORS & CPCS training and insurance for all aspects of clearance work.
  • We can carry out demolition, tree surgery, mulching, excavations, install access, groundworks and minor civics works.

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    At GM Land Solutions, we offer a first-rate Site Clearance service with brilliant results every time. With powerful machines and years of experience, our site & land clearance specialists can carry out as much or as little as you require to get your project to the next stage.

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    Need our help?

    Our skilled staff will ensure that all overgrown areas will be completely rid of trees, vegetation and waste, leaving your site clean and tidy. We will remove all waste associated with the work in a safe and responsible manner, leaving you a flat and clear area.

    We have invested in a crane fed chipper that is capable of increased production and is a safer working practice than more traditional and basic methods.  We have a tree shear that goes on out excavators too, enabling the process from standing trees to chip, without the need for chainsaws or hand fed chippers.  On smaller material we can use our mulcher without needing to bring a chipper in or even start a chainsaw!

    Tree mulcher Edinburgh
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    Clearance & Excavation

    Clearing away excess vegetation with our site clearance services based in Edinburgh, Scotland can return your area to a manageable blank canvas or open up access to allow the next phase of your project.

    We can excavate sites and clear large amounts of materials or soil to prepare you for the next stage. We can also remove and dispose of contaminated material and reinstate grounds back to how they are required to be.

    We will bring all of the necessary equipment and tools to make sure your project is carried out quickly and finished to the highest possible standards a efficient manner. We have the equipment to clear trees, stumps, vegetation, fly-tipping, structures and soil.

    See our case studies section for examples of site clearance and road preparation work carried out for past clients.

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    GM Land Solutions Clearance Services

    At GM Land Solutions, we can tackle any size or scale of site clearance or vegetation clearance project. Contact Us to discuss your next clearance project you would like us to tackle and we can arrange a site visit and quote. From your initial enquiry through to the project completion, we ensure that we give the utmost respect to both our clients and their properties. You can rest assured that with GM Land Solutions, your project is in good hands.

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