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Lawn Seeding Services in Edinburgh

Give your project a cost effective finish with grass seeding instead of turf.

  • Complete service from groundwork to seeding.
  • Premium service and finish.
  • All our own equipment for preparing large and small areas.

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Watch Your Grass Grow

We can provide lawn solutions for newly built homes, whole lawn addition and replacements to existing lawns. While most of the time as part of landscaping projects, clients tend to prefer turf for an instant result, seeding can also be an option, especially for larger areas.

We have invested in a couple of more specialist machines that help us cover large areas quickly. We have a stone burier attachment for our Avant and a Blec self-propelled seeder with rollers to seed and consolidate the ground all in one pass.

If you would prefer turf as part of your project for the instant result, we can offer this too.

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Seeding the Right Type of Grass

At GM Land Solutions we provide customised landscaping services for all of our customers. Grass growth can be affected by climate and weather conditions, as well as factors individual to a property, such as soil type and pH balance. This, mixed with the right aftercare, will help ensure the best results from our lawn seeding services.

That is why we will work to ensure that you are getting the right type of grass for your garden as well as providing you with all of the advice that we can to help guarantee long lasting results.

Turf will provide a instant lawn and providing is looked after, will be less affected by weather than seed, but is also more costly, especially on a larger scale project.

Seeding contractor, GM Land Solutions
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Lawn Seeding Services

Before any project with GM Land Solutions, we will determine your use for the area, budget, size and desired finish, to be able to come up with a proposal to match

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