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    Larger Landscaping Projects

    When you are looking to invest a substantial amount into your garden, you need to know that the contractor you engage with is capable of carrying out the work as they say, in a efficient, clean and timely manor.  We have invested a substantial amount in equipment and training to make sure we can match, if not exceed your expectations.

    At GM Land Solutions we want to ensure that all of the work completed is sustainable and respectful of both our clients and their properties.  We are set up in a way that allows us to be very efficient and offer a full and comprehensive service, especially on larger scale projects.

    When it comes to ensuring our clients have the best experience with our Services, We make sure that we turn up when we say, give a cost for the work, carry out the work when we say, remove all associated waste and leave your property clean and tidy.

    This guarantees that our landscaping services are transparent and all parties are reassured of the entire process and know where they stand.

    We recycle wherever possible, for example, we have chippers for reusing wood waste from tree work, as garden mulch.  We have recently bought a 32 tonne grab tipper truck to be able to remove the waste from projects ourselves and take it directly to recycling plants without the need to rely (and often be let down by) other businesses.   We can also bring material in ourselves in bulk, saving time and mess.

    We believe in using local materials and local supply chains where possible.

    To enable us to deliver this level of quality and service, we find ourselves to be a good fit for larger projects where we utilise a mix of our services and equipment.  Generally our typical projects for complete garden landscaping would start from around £10,000, although we do undertake smaller projects as well.

    Hard Landscaping Edinburgh, GM Land Solutions
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    As one of the top contractors in Edinburgh, we believe that you should have the freedom to choose exactly what your finished project should look like, in terms of both style and the materials used.

    In order to help you make your decision, we can provide samples of each of the various materials we use.

    Before any contract is created for our services, we want to make sure our potential customers can experience the look and feel of each of the materials before making a final choice.

    The appearance and texture of some paving materials and decorative aggregates are often quite different in person when compared to pictures online.

    Going through this process helps to reassure our clients of exactly what their finished project will look like.

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    Long term customer relationships

    If you would like to see examples of our previous works, then please feel free to either Contact Us, or you can view some of our most recent projects in the case studies section of this site.  We have many customers who have used us over a number of years (and projects), some examples can be seen there.

    This will give you an idea of the high quality end results that we can provide and customers problems we have solved.

    Why not get in touch with us to discuss your next project?

    All work we undertake is to a high specification, to maximise visual impact, lifetime and durability.

    Landscaping Edinburgh, GM Land Solutions
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    Estimate your project

    for a high quality service and finish on your residential or commercial project