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Landscapers Edinburgh

We provide the expertise and the specialist equipment for any design and build landscaping Edinburgh project; large gardens, driveways, site clearance, tree surgery, turfing, drainage, civils & groundworks.

  • personalised and individual service
  • when we agree to a price we stick to it.
  • high quality materials & professional workmanship
  • all work insured & guaranteed
  • no upfront payments

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Welcome to GM Land Solutions! A team of highly skilled, qualified and experienced landscaping engineers based in Edinburgh. We have completed hundreds of residential and commercial landscaping projects  throughout the Lothians and Scottish Borders areas since 2004.

Our landscapers have; delivered driveways, produced paths and patios, created lawns, erected fencing, and surgically removed trees with the precision and care only the empathetic tree surgeon can.

You can rely on GM Land Solutions. Simply point us in the right direction, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Landscaping Edinburgh
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Landscaping Services

Providing Local Landscaping Throughout Edinburgh, The Lothians & The Borders

GM Land Solutions have invested heavily in a wide range of specialist landscaping equipment that covers us not just for ‘what we need’ but for what we ‘might need’, with the view that the flexibility and price competitiveness it offers us will benefit more clients.

We can consequently guarantee to be wherever we need to be at any set date and time. If we’re at your project site then we have already provided you with binding costings and guarantee that we remove all associated waste to leave your property as if it were our own.

Recent work has been completed in Morningside, Barnton, Grange, Peebles and Duns. You can find more recent case studies here or read our many 5 star testimonials.

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Landscaping Projects

Whether it’s creating your dream outdoor living space, putting the finishing touch on your new home, replacing that old patio, or a full landscape design and build project, we offer a comprehensive and personal service tailor-made to suit our clients’ needs and budget. From site survey, planning and creative design, to construction and cost control, we work closely with our clients at every stage.

A beautiful, functional space is what everyone wants, and we’ve been delivering that to homeowners and business in the Edinburgh area for over 15 years. With director involvement in every aspect of the process, you can count on customer service that is second to none.

High quality paving Edinburgh, GM Land Solutions
landscape gardeners edinburgh
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Just to clear this one up – ‘soft landscaping’ generally refers to soil, turf, trees and colours. ‘Hard landscaping’ meanwhile is all of the civil engineering, grading and groundworks, the walls, paths, driveways, stonework and patios.

Your landscaping garden project will feature some, if not all, of the above. Between us, we will ensure that whatever your plan; a home for pets, a kids’ playground, an entertaining space, a sanctuary, an all in one – we make it happen!

Using our years of extensive soft and hard landscape design experience we’ll take the time to get to know you, your ‘must-haves and your ‘nice-to-haves’ to ensure we deliver your project just the way you imagined it.

So whether you plan on digging it all up and start afresh, or you would like simply to make what you have even better – we’d love to hear about it.

All quotations are at no cost and with no obligation

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A Message From Gavin Mathison


As the GM Land Solutions business grows like a well-kept garden, Gavin remains clear.

“I know it’s running out of style a bit but; turning up on time, keeping high quality standards and respecting the properties of those we work for are crucial to us. I grew up believing you do what you say you’re going to do – tasks, timescales, budgets – and we do what we commit to do. If we deliver a £5,000 project or a £50,000 project, the one thing we must do is provide value for our client. We need them to be happy, delighted, even ecstatic! Only then are GM Land Solutions satisfied with our work.”

Landscaper Edinburgh

Landscaping Frequently Asked Questions

Find out all you need to know about our bespoke landscaping service at the click of a button. If you have any new questions, feel free to get in touch.

What is your process for providing a landscaping quote and next stages if I accept?

If you can provide some information regarding the project, along with any relevant photos, budget, plans and sizes we can turn this around pretty quickly for you.  If it’s a larger project and you are looking for our input, we can arrange a site visit and consultation to discuss your requirements and budgets, look at what your requirements are practically as well as the ’nice to have’ options you may desire. We will look to provide you with something that works, or if budget is less of an issue, come up with some possible options.

Are you fully insured?

Yes, £10 million employers liability and £5 million public liability.  This is ensures we provide adequate protection to both our commercial clients and larger landscaping projects.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We generally prefer bacs payments as it is easier for both parties.  That said, we can accept cheques or cash if required.  No ‘cash discounts’ will be given though!

Can you provide the build and installation if I already have design plans?

Yes, we even work for garden designers on a regular basis, this means we are well used to working from plans and other peoples ideas.  If there were any issues we would flag these up to you at the start.  The only thing we (very rarely) come across is sometimes designs that look great but perhaps don’t fit a budget, or are practical to install.  We can advise accordingly and often come up with something very similar that works!

If we are unsure of what we want our new landscape project to look like, are you able to help?

Of course – we generally work with clients to establish what they need (practically) and want (visually), to come up with a plan.  We do need to know a idea of budget on this, as there is no point us coming up with ideas and plans that aren’t achievable – We would rather have a clear idea and come up with ideas and materials that can turn your dream into a reality! We also work with garden designers, so can introduce one of our partners to you, if required for a more comprehensive initial plan prior to engaging us.

What if we are outside of Edinburgh?

Whilst most of our landscaping work is in Edinburgh, we cover up to around an hour from Edinburgh generally and we can make exceptions to this. With many aspects of our work, because of the equipment we have that is solely for our use on your projects, means we can be very efficient with turning projects around, so distance isn’t always a problem for us. Check with us to find out – the more information you can provide the better idea we can give as to whether it would be a good fit.

How much does landscaping cost?

This does of course depend on size and type of landscaping required.  On a typical new build plot, for a full project including some planting, patio area, path along back of house and turfing, anywhere from around £8000 – £15,000 + VAT depending on size and materials.  A typical mono block driveway would likely cost from around £3000 + VAT upwards depending on size.  Of course, there are options to suit most budgets so the best way to find out what is possible for you is to get in touch and let us know your requirements and budget

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Landscape Design and Construction Edinburgh | Areas We Cover

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