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Excavations and Site Enabling works Edinburgh and Surrounding Areas

For Edinburgh excavations, land clearances and minor civils services, that utilise a variety of our equipment and exceptional services, get in touch with GM Land Solutions today to discuss your requirements.

  • Tree surgery and initial site clearance
  • Excavations and disposal
  • The right equipment for the project and our grab truck for maximum efficiency
  • Reactive service available


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    With years of experience, GM Land Solutions can provide exceptional groundworks services in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. Whether you are preparing for construction – requiring clearance, , excavations, access roads, or need to prepare ground for a survey, we can provide a efficient, tidy and comprehensive service.

    Our tree surgery services and equipment will help to cover all bases, without having to engage multiple contractors.  We have our own tracked chipper, mulcher and stump grinders to clear trees and vegetation prior to starting the groundworks or excavation phases

    We have various items of plant, meaning we can carry out excavations, clearance, and enabling works such as access & soil strips without having to hire plant or involve any other parties. This keeps things simple and accountable.

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    Preparing for a Groundworks Project

    Whether it is a site survey, self build, you are a contractor, architect or a project manager – we can help. In order to properly prepare for building or landscaping works, you may need to invest in clearance, excavations or site preparation services within Edinburgh or central Scotland.  These can range from tree surgery and clearance, to demolition, to creating site access, clearing or re-shaping the site or landscape, to creating forestry and farm roads and excavating material on site to get things ready for the next stage of your project.

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    Civil Engineering Scotland

    For smaller civil engineering projects, you can rest assured your project will be in good hands with GM Land Solutions from the start through to completion.

    With the right equipment for every project we undertake owned by ourselves, we can act quickly and efficiently to get projects underway and completed to the required standards, within the time scales agreed.

    From initial site clearance, demolition,  footpaths, access roads, concreting, we can help.  We can even carry out the final landscaping once the project is complete, saving you having to deal with multiple contractors and the problems that can arise from that.  We are based in Edinburgh but cover central Scotland.

    Find out more about our 5 star service by reading our client testimonials

    For more delicate jobs, we have invested in a Micro digger that is small enough to fit through a gap or doorway of 85cm. Furthermore, we have our own tractor & larger excavators for the larger projects.

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    Excavation Contractors

    In order to find out more about how we can tailor our services to your individual groundworks or excavation project, get in touch with our team today to find out more. We can have an estimate to you within 7 days of your initial inquiry.

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