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Grounds Maintenance

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Grounds Maintenance Edinburgh

GM Land Solutions specialise in providing grounds & landscape maintenance to commercial organisations and factors in Edinburgh and throughout central Scotland.

We undertake landscaping and grounds maintenance work at housing developments, hotels, nursing homes, council sites and other commercial premises, as well as large private grounds.

  • Flexible services, tailored to Factor’s requirements.
  • Quality workmanship and reliability assured.
  • Agreed budget and schedule of works assured.
  • All work insured & guaranteed
  • Annual contract, settled monthly.

Contract renewal due? GM Land Solutions are happy to assess, advise and tender, without obligation or cost.

Just let us know how to contact you.



If you have discovered us here, perhaps you are a Factor looking for a high quality, value for money and reliable Grounds Maintenance contractor?

As part of our standard Grounds Maintenance contracts we cut and shape lawns, manage spraying, borders and hard surfaces as well as trees and shrubs.

We also make available all our other services to our Grounds Maintenance clients; reactive repair works or landscaping improvements can often be required on sites.

We are very open to specific requirements and will cost up or down as appropriate. We can also offer snow clearance and storm reparations as part of our service. 

In our experience, the less time a managing agent has to spend managing grounds maintenance crews, the happier they are. GM Land Solutions are always proactive – we believe that small actions now often prevent necessary big actions down the line. For all clients, we try to make ourselves as low-maintenance as possible!

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Keith Lawson joins the GM Land Solutions family.

Having owned and successfully operated Lawsons Premier Groundcare for many years, the timing was perfect for the business acquisition by GM Land Solutions.

Keith continues his work, now with GM Land Solutions, on all the sites of his previous factoring clients – one client for 23 years and averagely 10-12 years. Service and quality have always been central to Keith, just as they are to GM Land Solutions. This a great move for GM Land Solutions and our plans for natural expansion.

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Grounds Maintenance Edinburgh | Areas We Cover

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