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We have recently made a substantial investment in purchasing a Mus-Max whole tree chipper that can take up to 600mm trees and produce a biomass grade chip

With biomass becoming a more and more popular option for heating commercial premises as well as large domestic properties, and wood chip boilers being a large part of this, we decided to invest in this area in purchasing a chipper suitable for producing a quality chip and also enabling our own projects to be completed quicker when carrying out large clearance works with a lot of timber that would otherwise need to be dealt with by a third party.

We will look to build working relationships with clients who require regular chipping services at their premises of their timber for biomass use in their boilers and also help other clearance contractors and forestry businesses find a more efficient and less time consuming way to deal with their chipping requirements on larger projects.  In some cases, this may generate extra income for what would otherwise be waste.

The machine is based just outside Edinburgh and will be available throughout the central belt of Scotland, though can go further subject to haulage requirements.

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Mus-Max Chipper

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