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Contaminated Soil Removal & Reinstatement

GM Land Solutions have the expertise and equipment to test, carefully remove and dispose of contaminated soil and provide timely reinstatement services for all your contaminated soil needs

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    Contaminated Soil Removal Throughout Edinburgh, Borders & Central Belt

    GM Land Solutions have the perfect setup for carrying out works for removal of contaminated soil and reinstatement of the ground or garden back to how it should be.

    We have the experience, equipment, and vehicles to deal with excavation and disposal of contaminated material from a small back garden to a large site.  We have several facilities we can use for safe disposal of the material and can then provide reinstatement work to infill and put the ground back to how it should be.

    Our strong reputation and comprehensive experience in all things landscaping, means we have the skills and knowledge to also put your ground back to how it should be, with the attention to detail it deserves.

    Whether you have an oil spill situation in a garden or a site needs prepared for a build, GM Land Solutions can help.  We are happy to work with consultants and national companies to deliver on-site solutions.

    contaminated soil disposal
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    Soil Contamination | Areas We Cover

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