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Large Site Clearance

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We were approached by a main contractor based on the south coast who was looking for a reliable company to carry out vegetation clearance on a 4-acre site in Armadale, West Lothian

We arranged to meet them on-site with a representative from SGN to discuss requirements.  The site was considerably overgrown with trees, brambles, gorse, and general vegetation.  It was not possible to even walk from one end to the other as it was so dense.

We came up with a scope of works and cost, booked in the works, and carried out the project quickly, safely, and efficiently, using mulching equipment for a large proportion of the work and hand felling/chipping the rest.

As work was being carried out we came across a lot of fly-tipped material that appeared to have been thrown over fences from neighbouring properties.  Once we could assess the full extent of this we then cleared it with the help of our recycling partner NuGen Environmental & Recycling Solutions Ltd.

The client can now arrange land surveys and will put in place a maintenance plan with us moving forward to avoid the site becoming overgrown again.

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Before, During & After Pictures

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