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Landscaping Project Morningside Edinburgh

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In November 2018 we were contacted by a client who had previously engaged with a garden designer and several landscapers to try to come up with a way forward with a large landscaping project in Morningside, Edinburgh.

The designer had come up with a very nice design to deal with a challenging change in levels, however, this was not possible on the budget that had been discussed, which left the client with a landscaping design that wasn’t achievable.  The client also wasn’t comfortable with some of the timescales indicated for the duration of the works by other landscapers.

We spent some time with the clients and came up with some solutions to give the use of space required and include some interesting features and planting to get between the levels and overcome the challenges in layout and levels.  We discussed budgets and materials and came up with a couple of options to suit.

We carried out the project within 6 weeks from start to completion, in spring 2019 with the progress each day and no hold-ups or problems. The price stayed the same from start to finish as it should, even on a project as large.

One of the main reasons for this was down to us having all our own plant and equipment and not having to rely on third parties for skips and plant hire.  All materials were ordered ahead in plenty of time and deliveries all arranged in advance so there were no hold ups on materials either.

A few months later we returned to carry out phase 2 which was again a large project, this time on the lower section of the garden, again, with limited access and challenges with levels.

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