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Large Private Garden in Biggar

GM Land SolutionsLarge Private Garden in Biggar

A customer from back in 2006 got in contact wondering if I was still doing landscaping. Since then of course, GM Land solutions had grown and had a lot more equipment.

The customer was struggling to find someone that would take on a full project, including a lot of specialised tree surgery, building steps, digger work and a large area of paving, without having to go to different businesses and try to arrange them all separately.

GM Land solutions were able to take on all the work, in-house, and stage it all in a way that worked for the progression of the job, and for the customer. This also would have worked out cheaper than outsourcing other aspects of the work, IE a landscaper getting in a tree surgeon and hiring in plant etc, as we had all that was required and all the right skills and expertise to complete the works.

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There were trees next to a wall, and a road. The wall had to be careful dismantled and cleared away quickly to cause minimal disruption to the traffic. As required by law, we were able to provide 2 qualified climbers (as is always needed for safety reasons), one of whom was Gavin Mathison, Managing Director, who also laid all the paving on another part of the project.

The paving was a large area, and had to be a product the tied into the colour and style of the old sandstone house. Following a few discussions, it was agreed to use the red/brown indian sandstone, of mixed sizes, which is also a natural stone product.